Effective Islamic English Cross-cultural Communication Skills EIECCS


cooperation is the best way of achieving peace

All Muslim individuals have to acquire the proper and effective communication skills for surely they will help them greatly in giving Da`wah.

By the end of this course, our dear readers will have acquired the following:

1- An improvement of the Intercultural Islamic English Communication Competence.

2- The ability to discuss Islamic concepts in English.

3- The ability to give short presentations on Islamic topics of their choice.

4- An awareness of the subtleties and importance of language in any intercultural encounter.

5- A reasonable knowledge of Islamic terminology.

6- A reasonable knowledge of necessary terminologies of other religions as needed to present Islam.

7- Ignition of the passion to use English communication skills for presenting Islam.


Effective Islamic English Cross-cultural Communication Skills – EIECCS



Source: www.dawahmemo.com

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