Being Present Makes You Happier…Learn How! (Infographic)

Focus. YOU, focus! Read this, pay attention – your well-being depends on it. Being present is the act of using your mind only for the task at hand. Almost 50 percent of people admit their mind wanders while attempting to complete another task. No joke – you should have been in my mind while I wrote that last sentence. I was thinking about lunch, the weather, overhearing coworker’s conversations. A fifteen-word sentence took me almost an entire minute to write. Being present really does make a difference.

‘How can I be more present?’ you may ask. Well, there are classes on it. The creator of Today’s infographic PresenceTraining.co.uk provides exactly that. Or if you’re looking to just get your feet wet you can Google some techniques on practicing it. It’s all about improving your mindful meditation skills. Increasing your mindfulness can help drastically decrease anxiety, depression, and stress. Students who have taken a class on mindfulness had an average of 13 percent better scores on tests in only two weeks.

Being mindful isn’t only about focusing and forgetting everything but the task at hand. Being mindful is also stopping to smell the roses. To really smell the roses, though. To think about why they smell good, what memories does the smell trigger? Flavors or tastes that come about? Try it out – you’ll be surprised how much more life enjoyment you feel. (via)




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