Things You Don’t Know about Da`wah

What is da`wah about & how to do it?

Before giving da`wah or even thinking about da`wah we have to know what da`wah is. Many people get caught out in thinking that da`wah is to answer misconceptions about the religion or bring good or feed the homeless.

These beneficial things/good acts actually assist the da`wah but they are not themselves the da`wah.

When a Muslim has good manners and helps others, this adds to da`wah, but the actual da`wah is to call to Islam; actually to invite the non-Muslims and the Muslims as well to Allah and His Messenger and the religion of Islam.

So, a Muslim should understand what it means when we say “we do da`wah”.

In the video below John Fontain gives some basic lines about giving da`wah and how to get good results  …


Source: Digital Mimbar YouTube Channel

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One thought on “Things You Don’t Know about Da`wah

aishah kotecha

SubhanAllaah. May Allaah bless Bro John Fountain with the coolest shades of Paradise. what a comprehensive talk. should pass this on to as many as possible.

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