Are You A Fundamentalist Muslim?

By Editorial Staff

“Muslims are Fundamentalist, aren’t they?” How do you respond to this question?


Does the Muslim choose to be a fundamentalist or not?

Have you asked yourself this question before?

What does it really mean to be a fundamentalist Muslim? Does the Muslim choose to be a fundamentalist or not? What does this have to do with the fundamental tenets of Islam? Is it a shame to be a Muslim and a fundamentalist?

If you happen to give a presentation about Islam and someone asks you this question, how are you going to answer him?

To answer this question we firstly have to know what is meant by the word “fundamentalism”.

Do you know that “fundamentalism” was first used to describe a group of American Christians in early 21st Century – as defined in Webster’s Dictionary?

In the video below Dr. Zakir Naik provides clear-cut answer to this question…

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