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Android Apps for the Student of the Qur'an

5 Easy Android Apps for the Student of the Qur’an

Studying the Qur'an has become so easy nowadays that it’s almost a crime not to utilize these opport ...

Da`wah and the Power of Effective Speaking

The power of effective speaking is at the heart of da`wah. For the orator, as no book man has ever w ...

the great reward of fasting

Plan Your Schedule in Ramadan

With the coming of the Holy month of Ramadan, we have many wishes and plans to accomplish during it. ...

The Anti-Procrastination Du`a’

Get Ready for Ramadan: Beat Procrastination

With a precious guest just round the corner, it’s time to learn the keys to beat procrastination, ov ...

Persuasion skills

What You Need to Learn about Persuasion: Personal Skills

How is it that certain people are so incredibly persuasive? Can we all harness those skills? How cou ...