Da`wah: The Activism of the 21st Century

In a time full of ills, controversies, contradictory beliefs and distorted conceptions about Islam and Muslims a huge responsibility falls on the shoulder of every Muslim to activate Da`wah, spread the true message of Islam, call to God, facing the world with their genuine teachings of their religion.

It’s about facing up to this age’s challenges through Da`wah work; through following God’s commands and implementing the Sunnah of His Prophet (peace be upon him) in our minds and in our deeds as well. Thus, Da`wah, calling people to all that is good and implementing this good in our character and behavior, is the way to change the world.

Through every aspect of their life a Muslim is ought to be able to deliver the message of Islam, mend broken principles and doctrines and heal whatever ills in the world.

Da`wah, in this way, is a way of life; a tool of reform inwardly and outwardly through action, positiveness, dynamism and integration. It is a requirement and a duty as well.

In this talk brother Yusuf Chambers talks about the challenges of our time and the critical need for active Da`wah showing how every Muslim should carry out this challenging role, through deeds and actions not just rites and rituals.

Watch this stirring talk as brother Yusuf urges every Muslim to live by the true teachings of our Prophet, implement these teachings in whatever we say and do and let it be mirrored in the world.

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