Learn Any Language with Anki Flashcards!

If you’re a polyglot speaking several languages , if you’re a person in love with the sound of various exotic languages, finally, if you’re someone enjoying efficient methods of learning foreign languages, this tutorial is for you! Anki flashcards is a new cool method that works with learning languages, memorizing daily tasks and preparing for exams.

Step 1: But, first of all, let’s play a little game. Go to the website link you see on screen (www.greatlanguagegame.com). Make sure your computer sound is on – you’ll need it. Now concentrate and press “Play”.

Step 2: You’ll see the audio recording file on screen. Press “Play” to play the fragment in unknown language. Do you recognize it? Click the button with the right answer below.

Step 3: We win and earn our first score! Click “Next” to hear the next fragment.

Step 4: At the end of the game you’ll be presented with the list of languages that you did not recognize:). You can learn more about this languages and play again the fragments of speech in these languages.
Norwegian , anyone?

Step 5: You can also click Wikipedia links to learn more about languages that you did not know. Well, Norwegian sounds and looks like a language that we’d like to learn.

Step 6: Let’s now demonstrate Anki Flashcards – the effective learning system. Go to the link displayed on the screen(www.ankisrs.net). Scroll down until you see “Download Anki” and pick the type of software that you want to download.

Step 7: Open it and install “Anki”, then run it. Anki is really simple and efficient. Remember learning new language and science with the help of flip cards? You know, the card with the question on one side and answer on another side? Anki makes this experience digital, enhanced with extra audio, pictures and tweaks.

Step 8: Let’s create our set of cards, or “Deck” for learning Norwegian language. At the bottom of program window, click “Create Deck”. Click ‘OK”.

Step 9: See your newly created deck? Click on its name now. From top of the screen, click “Add”.

Step 10: We’re going to create our first card now. Click the “Front” text field and enter the English translation of the word you want to learn. In the”Back” field enter the Norwegian translation of the word.

Step 11. Little buttons at the top of the card allow you to manipulate the text of the card and add different enhancements to it. When you’re done, click “Add”. The first card is created. In the same manner we can create our first four cards for the first words we want to learn.

Step 12: Now click the name of your newly created ” Deck” and click “Study Now”. You’ll be shown the front side of the card. Do you remember the translation? Click “Show answer” to check yourself. Depending on how easy it was to remember the card, you can click the button under the card. If you click “Good”, the card will not be shown to you again. If you click “Again”, it will be replayed later on while you’re studying cards from the deck.

Anki will take you through the whole deck so you can learn. You’ve just finished the deck! You can add new words to your deck regularly so it becomes a more powerful learning tool.

Step 13: Since Anki is a popular learning tool , you can also profit from decks others have created and share your own deck online (www.ankiweb.net ).

Now, if you want to share your own deck with others, return to your Anki menu and click the “Sync” button in the upper right corner. Your deck will start to sync with decks online.

Step 15: If you want to check the decks that others have created, click the “Search” button on the Anki website. When the subject is found, click the “Info” button near its name and click “Download”.

Here is the demonstration of the imported result!

Anki is getting pretty popular these days so, apart from Anki official website, there are plenty of other online recourses that shed more light on learning with Anki and exchanging learning experiences. Here are just some of them.
The method is reported to be good not only for learning the language or preparing for math exams. Some users effectively use Anki cards for preparing for driving tests, memorizing types of aromas, food ingredients and even for remembering people’s faces:)

Result: You’ve just learned how to learn any language and much more with Anki flashcards! Knowledge is power:)

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In the tutorial below you will learn how to learn any language with Anki flashcards…


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