Begin with Yourself… Preserve Your Tongue

Change your life before changing others’. Before Starting with others, start with yourself; improve it, work on it.

The first thing you need to make it is by preserving your tongue- from idle talk, from backbiting, from slander, etc.

God says:

But do not say of falsehood asserted by your tongues, ‘This is permissible, and this is forbidden,’ to fabricate a lie against God; for those who fabricate falsehood against God will not thrive. (Al-Israa’ 17: 116)

How can the Muslim protect himself/herself from the evils of the tongue? How does it help a Muslim? How important is holding one’s tongue?

In the series ‘Start With Yourself’  Dr. Rayan Arab discusses how a Muslim can begin working on themselves before beginning with others, being better Muslims and role models in their own communities. Here’s the first talking about preserving the tongue this…

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