How to Set a Homepage on Internet Explorer

Changing your homepage on Internet Explorer is a simple process that can really improve your browsing experience


Learning how to set a homepage on internet explorer can be a great way to customize your browser so you get to see the content that you want when you load the program.

Step 1: Visit the Website you Want as Your Homepage

First, start Internet Explorer. Navigate to the page that you want to set as your homepage. In this example we are going to be setting the homepage to the BBC website at “www.bbc.co.uk”.

Step 2: Opening the Change Home Page Window

In the tabs bar on the right hand side you will notice a small icon that looks like a house. Next to this is a small arrow pointing downward. Click on this arrow, then in the menu that appears click the “Add or Change Home Page…” option.

Step 3: Set the Homepage

This will open the “Add or Change Homepage” window. You will have two options to choose from in the window. Select the top one, “Use this webpage as your only homepage”. Click “Yes”. This is how to set a homepage on internet explorer.

Step 4: Testing the Homepage Change

To make sure that the change has taken place, navigate to any other website. Once this page has loaded, click the same “house” icon that we saw earlier. This will take you to your homepage which will be the page we just set, in this case the BBC website.

Watch the video below and easily learn how to set your homepage on Internet Explorer …


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