Convert a Photo to Black and White In Photoshop

Do you know that you can convert a photo to black and white in Photoshop in just 30 seconds?

Have you ever found the PERFECT stock image only to realize that you wish it were in black and white, instead of full color? That does happen sometimes.

There reason stock photographers do not convert most images to black and white, isn’t because they don’t know that the image has potential to look incredible in black and white. No, the reason for this, is the stock photographers are trying to keep the images full color to appeal to the widest variety of image buyers.

You obviously can’t convert an image to color once it’s already been converted to black and white.


Well, I supposed you could, but that would take hours of work. There are certain photography themes and subjects that just look better with a lack of saturation, especially images with strong contrast to begin with.

Here in this brief, two minute Photoshop tutorial video, we walk you through how you too can convert any stock photo to black and white, using the easy to use feature in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later.



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