Da`wah: Does it Achieve Its Objectives?

Why should da`wah be a part of my everyday life, and how?

How to effectively and positively deliver the message of Islam to anyone anywhere? What objectives should be fulfilled from giving da`wah? How could we, Muslims, deal with misconceptions and address such sensitive provocative points in it? How could we answer such questions and successfully lead a discussion in a confident positive way and not be irritated by it?

Have you ever been engaged in such discussions with a sea of misconceptions about your religion? How did you manage the discussion? Did you achieve your objectives or did you let down your religion?

Were you satisfied with your answers and the way you managed the conversation? Were you convinced or were they? Did you mange to alter the misconceived views about Islam? Did you affect the atmosphere at all, in what way?

Da`wah is a challenging mission that, all the same, should live in our daily lives.

How could we fulfill such challenging duty and reflect the true message and teachings of Islam, the true religion of God?

This short da`wah training course will provide explicit answers to all these questions and precious tips on how to achieve the genuine objectives of da`wah, standing tall to your duty as a Muslim…

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