Da`wah: Every Muslim’s Obligation

The word dawah in Arabic literally means invitation, and that is what it is about; inviting people to Allah, and specifically inviting non-Muslims to firstly learn about the religion of Islam, embrace it and become part of the body of the Muslim Ummah.

All Muslims have a duty then to invite others to Allah (Exalted is He) according to their individual capacity and circumstance, and there is another duty that follows on from that that is often neglected and that is duty of care to those new Muslims to ensure that not only are their religious needs but also in fact their worldly needs are looked after.

Unfortunately, this is obligation is often neglected and even forgotten altogether, and when it is done it is often done in a haphazard and random manner.

Many have been deceived into thinking that giving da’wah is not their job and that it is beyond their ability and it is something that should be left to the imams and the specialized.

On the contrary, giving da`wah and being a da`iyah (caller) to the way of God is in hand of every Muslim aware of the message, the true nature and content of da`wah.

Looking back at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and at his noble Companions all of them, even the most simple of them looked at inviting others to Islam as a duty and an essential part of their religion.

The Prophet described himself as being like the one who invites others to participate in a feast. So those who accepted ate from the feast and those who refused did not.

Da`wah is all about understanding, acceptance, kindness, patience and, most importantly, behavior.

How many non-Muslims have you talked to about Islam?

What effort have you ever made to clear up misconceptions about Islam? If not actually just added to it?

It’s a gift from Allah that you are a Muslim today. Now, it’s your turn to spread the true message of God and help others be guided to Him.

Learn about your role and how to do it…

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