Da`wah Tips: Importance of Da`wah Cards

A new effective way of giving Da`wah is through cards. Why?

Small and can literally fit into anywhere, people prefer taking cards over booklets or leaflets.

So, whether you are on giving Street Da`wah or just Da`wah to your friends and family, these cards are just amazing because they can lead to powerful reflection, who knows it could make the difference between someone becoming a Muslim or not.

Besides, it’s suitable for everyone whether you use it for conversation starters or just a way of avoiding conversion due to a lack of confidence and knowledge. Believe me! Such cards are banging.

I recommend you all order at least one packet and see how it goes!

In this video you will get a quick da`wah tip about Da`wah cards.


For Daw`wa Cards, we recommend this site:


You can also install this app on your smart phone:

For Andriod:


For iPhone:


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