Doesn’t Islam Call for Jihad?

By Editorial Staff

As a Muslim, what do you know about jihad in Islam; what does the word jihad stand for?

What does it really mean in the context of Islam? Where does the concept actually stand in your life as a Muslim? Put differently, as a Muslim are you making jihad?


As a Muslim, what do you know about “jihad” in Islam?

Are there any Qur’anic texts or hadiths where the word harb muqaddasah (Holy War) exist?

Muslims & Jihad

How do you respond to someone who sees jihad the synonym for ‘Holy War’ in Islam?

Is it a shame that you are a Muslim whose religion talks about jihad or the holy war?

If you happen to give a presentation about Islam and someone asks you this question, how are you going to answer him?

Today “Jihad” is the most misunderstood word regarding Islam. Not only by non-Muslims, the word is also misunderstood by many Muslims.

Both non-Muslims and many Muslims think that ‘jihad’ means any war fought by any Muslim, for any reason- say for power, for wealth, for land, for language, etc.

To answer this question we firstly have to know what is meant by the word “jihad”.

“Jihad” is an Arabic word derived from the word ‘jahada’ which means to strive; to struggle.

Do you know that the first meaning to this concept in Islam is to struggle and strive against one’s own whims and evil inclinations?

Learn about the other meanings of the word ‘jihad’ in Islam in the video below as Dr. Zakir Naik provides clear-cut answer to all these questions…

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