How to Embed YouTube Video in Email

There’s a simple process for embedding a YouTube video in an email.

This tutorial is going to show you how to email YouTube video using the Gmail platform which has recently been made very simple by Google.

Step 1: Copying the URL Information

Go to YouTube and navigate to the video that you want to embed in the email. Wait for the page to load and then copy all of the information in the address bar.

Step 2: Composing the Message

Open a new tab and open your Gmail account. Click the “Compose” button and in the message area paste the data we just copied from YouTube. It will just appear as plain text, but don’t worry about that, the video will be embedded automatically once we have sent it. Enter a recipient, subject and a message if you wish. Here we are just sending the message to our self to demonstrate the process. Click “Send”.

Step 3: Viewing the YouTube Video in the Email

As we sent the message to our own account it will shortly arrive in the inbox here. Click on the message to open it and you will see the link to the YouTube video as well as a thumbnail below indicating that the video is embedded. Click the play icon on the thumbnail and the video will expand and start to play and that is how to email YouTube video.


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