Get Informed & Be “Ready to Grow!”

Ready to Grow dawah course

Come and learn how to help them lay a firm foundation of Islam in their lives.

“My Friend accepted Islam two months ago but she has been through so many tests and is now at the edge of leaving Islam. What should I do?”

Could we do anything?

We all can.

So, how effectively and practically can I support and empower new Muslims facing challenges and difficulties? Could I?

If you want to learn how to do that; to contribute and help your brothers and sisters on their way to the new life in Islam, being settled in the safe haven of their life choice, then attend Now Ready to Grow!

Now Ready to Grow is a follow up to the Call of Duty Dawah Training Course you attended. It’s a one day course dedicated to teach you how to welcome, educate and effectively empower new Muslims  as they take their first steps into Islam.

This course will be taking place in Cambridge on the 28th (Sisters) and 29th (Brothers) December inshaa’Allah.

Come and learn how to help them lay a firm foundation of Islam in their lives.

This course aims to:

– Give you a clear and easy to follow map that will help you to keep track of your new Muslims.

– Change the way you think of new Muslims and understand the reality of their life.

– Avoid falling into the common mistakes when helping new Muslims.

– Teach you the methodology of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and help you to implement it.

– Help you to develop the skills to become a source of inspiration for new Muslims

– Give you the opportunity to contribute to one of the best investments in this world and the hereafter…

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