How to Deal with Traumatic Events, Cope

What can you do to keep moving forward while dealing with disaster? How to Recover From Disasters and Other Traumatic Events?

The emotional toll that disaster brings can sometimes be even more devastating than the financial strains of damage and loss of home, business, or personal property.

Today there are more and more natural calamities. Recently in San Diego we had a horrific outbreak of brush fires. This tragic event inspired me to share my crises management tips that I think will help you emotionally while dealing with disaster.

Everyone who sees or experiences a disaster is affected by it in some way and it is normal to feel anxious about your own safety and that of your family and close friends.

Profound sadness, grief, and anger are normal reactions to an abnormal event. By acknowledging your feelings, it helps you recover and remember to focus on your strengths and abilities helps you heal.

Everyone has different needs and different ways of coping.


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