How to Merge AVI Files

If you’d like to make two clips play under one file, then you need to learn how to merge AVI files, which this post is about.

Step 1: Downloading FreeMake

First, go ‘htp://www.freemake.com’ and click ‘downloads’, then click ‘Freemake Video Converter’, then click ‘Download’ and the file should automatically begin downloading.

Step 2: Installing FreeMake

Click the file that appears in your download bar of your Chrome browser. Click ‘Yes’ to the User Account Control, then select a language and press ‘OK’. Click ‘Next’, uncheck the box on the following page and then click ‘Next’. Uncheck the box on the next page and click ‘Next’ again. Click ‘Custom Installation’ on the next page and uncheck the two boxes, then click ‘Next’ twice. The installation will begin and once it has finished click ‘Finish’.

Step  3: Merging the files

Open up FreeMake Video Converter, click ‘+Video’ and add the AVI files you wish to merge together. Once you have added the videos, click the ‘Join files’ option in the top right so that it says ‘On’. Now click the ‘to AVI’ option at the bottom. In the window that appears click convert. The program will begin merging the files together and will alert you when finished. That’s it, you now know how to merge AVI files, you can test the merge by opening the folder and playing the video.

Watch the tutorial here to learn how…



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