Best Online Voice Recognition


Getting voice recognition done online can be an efficient way to enter text into a computer. Learn here how to get it …

Step 1: Starting the Dictation

First you are going to need to visit a site that does online voice recognition so go to ctrlq.org/dictation A page will load with a plain white box with some options below – click the one that says ‘Start Dictation’. If you are prompted to click the ‘Allow’ button that appears at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Recording a Note

Now you need to speak something to the computer (you must have a functional microphone to do this). Here we are just speaking a quick test sentence. When you are done click ‘Stop Listening’ and the recording will pause.

Step 3: Downloading the Note

You will now probably want to download this note to the computer so you can use it elsewhere. Click the ‘Export’ button then select a destination, here we are choosing ‘My Computer’. A text file will start to download and if you click on it WordPad will open and you can see the dictated message within it and that is how to do voice recognition online.

This tutorial will guide you through these steps


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