How to Optimize Your Content?

Lots of YouTube features can help you optimize your content; thumbnails, annotations, and channel branding to name a few.

This playlist series (http://goo.gl/oj2zA6) showcases creators’ videos who are using YouTube features to optimize their content. Check out the playlists below:

Playlist 1: Optimize your channel: http://goo.gl/5cmA4L
Playlist 2: Metadata: http://goo.gl/1ZWIb3
Playlist 3: Thumbnails: http://goo.gl/og2H70
Playlist 4: Annotations: http://goo.gl/WuEF1J
Playlist 5: Effectively use the channel feed: http://goo.gl/Kxp81e
Playlist 6: Reach a global audience: http://goo.gl/86bJrf

Learn more about optimization in the Creator Playbook: http://goo.gl/DLiO9

Learn even more with YouTube Help Desk:
Optimizing your Content: http://goo.gl/EAZ5t5
Optimizing Your Channel: http://goo.gl/XP8Amf

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