What Do You Know about Screen-casting Programs?

In this HowTech special we are going to look at how to create screen-casts. This video looks at a quick overview of the different screen casting systems that are available for users.

Step 1: CamStudio

The first option we are going to look at is CamStudio, which is a free program that allows you to capture what is going on on your screen and export it to AVI. You can find it at “www.camstudio.org”.

While it is good for basic screen casting it doesn’t have a great deal of extra features, such as annotations or zooms. If you are looking for a simple program then this is the one to go for, especially as it is free, open source, software.

Step 2: Adobe Captivate

Right on the other end of the spectrum is Adobe Captivate. This program is very expensive but does come with a huge range of options. It allows you to also create interactive elearning solutions which are beyond the requirements of most screencasts. You can download a free trial copy of Captivate at “www.adobe.com/go/trycaptivate” and this should give you a good idea of whether the program is for you.

Step 3: Camtasia Studio

The final piece of screen recording software we will look at here is Camtasia Studio. This is an excellent midpoint between Captivate and CamStudio. It doesn’t have all of the advanced functionality of Captivate, but it will really create more polished presentations than those possible with CamStudio. It also has a price point that rests in between the two programs, making it an affordable option.

Overall, which program you choose will depend on both your requirements and budget.

The video below gives a rundown of the best screen casting programs available…

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