How to Set an Alarm in Windows 8.1

Have you heard about the new alarm feature that comes as a part of the upgrade to Windows 8, Windows 8.1?

This tutorial will show you how to set an alarm in Windows 8.1.

Step 1: Setting a Basic Alarm

From the start screen, click the arrow that appears in the bottom left of the screen. Click on the “Alarms” option in the top left, this will open the application. Let’s first look at setting a new alarm, so click the “plus” icon in the top right. On the page that loads you can use the circles representing clock hands to set the time for the alarm.

You can also use the AM/PM selector at the bottom to adjust when the alarm goes off. When you are done, simply click the save icon in the top right and the alarm will go off when the clock next reaches the set time.

Step 2: Changing Other Settings

There are many other features that come as a part of this alarm clock. If you click on the alarm we just set we can change some of these. By click on “Repeats” you can then use the checkboxes to choose when the alarm goes off — here we are going to set it for every weekday.

You can also choose the sound that will go off with the alarm by click on the option in the “Sound” field. When you are done click the “Save” icon again. That is essentially it, it is expected that more features will be added to the app by the official release date, but for now early users will have a simple alarm application for their Windows 8.1 device.

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