Best Soft for Stop Motion Videos

Do you know how to create a stop motion animation?

Here you are going to learn how to use some stop motion software to create a stop motion animation from some photographs. Before you start this tutorial you will need to capture the images that you want to use in your stop motion.

Here’re the steps followed by the tutorial…

Step 1: Downloading the Required Program

You are going to need to download some software to make this possible, so visit the site “monkeyjam.org” and on the site that loads click the “Download” button in the top right. You don’t need to fill out any information on this page, just click the “Download” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Installing the Program

When the file has finished downloading, click on it. Click “Next”, accept the agreement and then click “Next” four more times, click “Install” and the install will quickly run. Click “Finish” when this has completed and the program will launch.

Step 3: Adjusting the Frame Rate

Click “File” navigate to “Import” and then click “Images”. Locate the files on your computer and they will appear in the bottom of the window. You can use shift and the arrow keys to select them all and then click the “Add files” button. Complete the process by clicking the “Import” button. You are able to adjust various settings in this program — here we are going to adjust our frame rate. Click “Settings” navigate to “FPS” and choose a frame rate that you want. Here we are slowing things down a little.

Step 4: Exporting the Animation

Now we are going to want to export the video file. Click “File” then click “Export avi”. Choose a destination and a file name and then click “Save movie”. You will then need to wait for the process to run while the stop animation software builds the video. It might seem as if your computer has crashed, but have patience, it is building the video. You can then navigate to the location where you saved the video and you will be able to open this in a standard video player. You now know how to create stop animations on a PC.


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