Who Is Allah and Why Do We Worship Him?

Before even asking the question “Who is Allah?”, we have to ask “who are we?”, “who am I?”

In order to understand who Allah (Exalted be He) is, one have to reflect within themselves. Allah says:

And (also) in yourselves. Will you then not see? (Adh-Dhariyat 51:20)

And in order for us to understand who we are we need to understand what we are, and then eventually we will really understand who Allah (Exalted be He) is.

So, did you choose your name? Did you choose your gender? Did you choose your parents? Did you choose your ethnicity? Did you choose to be Arab, African, European, or Greek?

The truth is we never chose any of these things. We didn’t choose our parents, our siblings, our economic and social status in which we were brought up. We also didn’t choose our DNA.

We were thrown into existence, and that was it. And we think we are free and we are independent. We are slaves. It, then, doesn’t matter if you choose your own shoes, clothes, or make your own hair. This is an illusion. In reality, you are in the state of slavery whether you like it or not.

In life you have so many slave masters; our parents, your boss, your CEO, the boss of the boss, your politicians, your governors, etc. We are shackled to so many people and so many slave masters.

So, the question is “how do we free ourselves?” “How do we achieve liberation from the shackles of dunya (worldly life) in some way?”

The only way to understand and achieve this liberation is by understanding your true slavery – in other words, who our true slave master is. It’s not your parents, your politician, your teachers, your society, the system. It’s Allah (Exalted be He). He is your rabb; your Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, Nourisher. He is the One Who loves you, cares about you. And this is true liberation; to realize your Lord, your true Master and to obey Him not your desires, to be a slave to Him alone.

In the video below, watch Brother Hamza Tzortzis discussing and answering the questions: Why should I believe that Allah (Exalted be He) created me? Why should I choose to worship Allah over everything else? Why should I place my faith in Him? How do I find myself, my purpose, my goals through worshiping Allah?



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