Why Islam, Not Any Other Religion?

If all religions promote and teach good things, why should I solely follow Islam? Why Islam in the first place? Isn’t it just a religion of these many? Cannot one follow any other religion?

Judaism and Christianity, and even Hinduism for example, teach not to rob or cheat. Also Islam does.

So, as most of these religions speak good things basically, what is the difference between them and Islam? Is it just a privileged religion?

What do we gain from following Islam? What implementing Islamic Law would result in? What would practically happen?

How could we, as Muslims, answer such stunning questions?

Watch Dr. Zakir Naik thoroughly answers this question spiritedly and rationally as well, demonstrating how Islam is not just the set of rules and teachings, but a whole comprehensive way of life, and how through Islam man achieves these acts of goodness…


Source: ZakirNaik.net YouTube Channel 

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