How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author

Learn the 20-step proven method to write your book and get it published ready in 90 days or less! Watch this video to learn how to take the next step and accomplishing your goal of becoming a published author.

How to Write a Book & Become a Published Author Brian Tracy.Finally!

A proven step-by-step system for taking what you already know, using skills you already possess, to write a book and get it published.

Take your passion and become a published author! How?

During this virtual training course, you learn the very same steps I use, over and over, to plan, write, edit, market and publish every book I complete.

Here’s the thing: writing a book is like cooking.

When you cook, you begin with a recipe. If you follow that recipe every time you cook that particular dish, your results are the same.

I’m giving you my recipe for book-writing- and if you follow it, you experience results similar to mine.

Week 1: How to Plan Your Book

This sounds simple, right? You are an expert in a specific field. You know quite a bit about a specific topic. So write about what you know, right? Not so fast. If you don’t get this part right, your book lacks direction and focus. You’ll start by learning my simple system for choosing a winning topic EVERY time.

Week 2: How to Write Your Book

When you follow my methodology for writing a book, it comes together unbelievably quickly. I’ve had students who worked on their books for years before learning from me — and then finishing their books in 90 days or less. During this stage, you learn the skills and techniques necessary to write your manuscript from start to finish.

Week 3: How to Edit Your Book

You thought writing was tough… editing and polishing can prove even more challenging than the actual writing. This is where you — and the helpers you enlist — organize your book into a specific, effective order so it becomes a polished masterpiece.

Week 4: How to Market and Publish Your Book

You’ve finally finished your book — now what? Navigating the unknown territory in the Land of Agents and Publishers can be very intimidating — but here, you learn exactly what to do to hook an agent and get a publisher. Again, when you follow my recipe, you get results.


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