How to Edit or Download Facebook Photos

Photon is a free application that you can add as an extension to your browser. It can be used to edit or Download Facebook Photos


Step 1: Go to Chrome Web Store

First of all open Chrome browser and type in the search bar “chrome.google.com/webstore”

Step 2: Search for Photon . Facebook Photo Editor

On the website you will find in the upper left a search bar. Type “Photon Facebook Photo Editor” and press enter. You’ll find the result to the right of the website. Click the “free” blue button.

Step 3: Add Photon Facebook Photo Editor to your browser

A message will open asking you permission to add the extension to your browser. Click on the “Add” button. After this you’ll see a message in the top right of the screen saying that the extension has been added.

Step 4: Edit a Photo of Facebook with Photon

Now, go to a Facebook profile, click on a photo and you’ll see four buttons in the upper left of the photo. This is the Photon extension. You’ll see that you can close Photon, download the photo, share it or edit it.

Let’s choose the “Edit” option. When you click on this option you’ll be redirected to the Photon editor in a new window. You’ll find many options to explore like “Effects”, “Frames”, “Text” among others. Click the one you prefer. For example, “Effects”. You can choose from many styles, click on them and see the preview. Select the option you like and click on “Apply”. You can also add some text. Just click on the option, choose your setting and click “Apply text”. Then click on apply. Once you’re finished editing your photo, click the “Save” button. You can share it on Facebook or click the “Download” button and save the edited photo.

Step 5: Download a Photo of Facebook with Photon

If you just wish to download a photo from Facebook, click on the photo and then press the download button from the Photon extension, and that’s it!

Result: Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to Edit or Download Photos from Anywhere on Facebook

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