How to Link Google+ Page with YouTube Channel

So you’re wondering how to connect that Google+ page with your YouTube channel. Well, by doing this this really opens up a lot of possibilities like sweet integrations with hang outs on air that let you broadcast online, some cool social integrations, you can change the name of your channel, really you can share private videos to specific circles in Google+.

And now you can also manage multiple YouTube channels from one account (that’s really cool), and you can have multiple managers access your YouTube channel without giving away your private information so they can login.

Really the list goes on so stay tuned to see how you connect your Google+ page with your YouTube channel.

0:43 Alright, to connect your Google+ with your YouTube page first thing that you need to do is make sure you’re logged in to YouTube. And let’s go ahead and mouse up to the upper right-hand corner, click on that, and click down to settings. Now it’s going to open up your Overview settings in YouTube and you can see you have your account information. What we’ll need to do next is click on Advanced right here.

And then it’s going to open up, it has your account information; it has some different options to delete or make the channel private. What we’ll want to do is click on this blue button right here where is says “Connect with a Google+ page”. Alright, this is the next thing that you’re going to see.

Now, if you already have Google+ pages created you can select the Google+ page you want to attach your YouTube account with. If you do not have it created YouTube makes it really easy to create a brand new Google+ page. All you need to do is click right here and put in the page name and you have to agree to the page terms and once you create it it will create you a Google+ page.

For this I’m going to go ahead and attach it to “my test company #2” and you go ahead and hit done. And basically it links it all together! Ok, now that your channel’s updated you have 14 days to decide if you want this to stick or not. After 14 days it becomes permanent.

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The video below will guide you to learn the above techniques practically…


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