How to Setup Skype on Mac

How could I install a Skype on a Mac? What devices or applications do I need? Do I need a specific browser? Is a Skype account is needed first?

To setup Skype, first of all you need to download it by going to the www.skype.com in the Safari browser.

Click on the ‘Get Skype’ menu and select the version for ‘Mac’. Choose ‘Download Skype’.

Now you must ‘Create an account’ or ‘Log in’ with a Facebook or Microsoft account. If you already have an account, you can just ‘Sign in’ with your Skype login and password.

Wait until the download is complete. Open the downloaded file. In the appeared window select the Skype application and drag and drop it into the ‘applications’ folder.

Launch Skype from the ‘applications’ folder or Launchpad. Enter you login and password.

Now your Skype is successfully installed. That’s it.

Follow the practical steps in this video here…

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