Infographic: Internet Facts 2014

Tonight I got a mail about a Infographic. Hostadvice gave me the permission to put this great Infographic on my site, and since I think it is very interesting I publish it. When internet first became a significant part of our society and our general day-to-day living, it has quickly turned into a major part of driving the global economy, that now to a great extent relies on the Internet in this technological age.

We all probably thinks that the vast majority of people uses Internet on a daily basis via mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. But you will be stunned to the fact that out of the 7 billion people who lives on Earth, just 2.4 billion actually use the Internet. What’s is even more surprising is that 1.7 billion of the Internet’s users come from Asia, which shows that they have positively adopted this technology.

So what do we spend out time on Internet at? In top we have social media tend and for every 60 seconds on YouTube, there is 72 hours of video being uploaded, which really shows you the extent of the YouTube platform as it continue to grows. The infographic also shows that over 50 % of the traffic on the Internet is within media streaming and file sharing.

Furthermore is it an amazing fact that Internet requires as much as 50 million horsepower in electricity and it takes 2 billion electrons to produce just one single email, so you can imagine what kind of stats we are talking if you take into account that billions are sent each day. The most connected cities is found in Japan and South Korea.


Source: wwwHostAdvice.com.



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