How to Make an Infographic with easel.ly

Infographics can be useful tools whenever you are trying to convey information with a strong visual approach. Infographics are especially good at making numerical data easy to see and understand. By creating an infographic, your information can take on a life, tell a story, and make a more persuasive argument, which is why you encounter infographics in all kinds of situations from advertising and marketing to educational presentations and publications.

It used to take a lot of work and graphic design know-how to make effective infographics, but now there are a number of easy to use, mostly free or low cost online tools that you can use to jump into making your own infographics right away. This video focuses on www.easel.ly, a free website that offers users the tools to make their own infographics, however there are other useful infographic sites like www.piktochart.com which allows the user to input numerical data directly into an editor that can then create graphics straight from the data. easel.ly is great because of its versatility and the wide variety of free templates you can use, but it works best when you already have crunched your numbers and know how you want to display them.

To learn how to create an infographic using the free site easel.ly, watch this video.



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