How to Record with Camtasia

Have you heard about Camtasia? Do you want to record your on-screen audio, videos other applications in a professional high-quality way?  Do you know how to use it?

In this HowTech special we are going to look at how you can record your screen using the Camtasia Recorder.

Step 1: Opening the Program

First, open the program. This is one of two applications that comes with Camtasia, you want the “Camtasia Recorder” option. A small window will appear and you will also see a larger box surround your screen — this is the interface you will be using to record.

Step 2: Setting up for the Recording

You can see several options including “Select area” and “Recorded inputs”. You can either choose to record full screen, or define a custom area. A custom area is defined either by entering specific dimensions, or simply dragging the points that surround the recording area. Here we are choosing to record the entire screen.

You are also able to record your webcam and audio (both from a microphone and the system). In this tutorial we are going to be leaving these both off as we will be adding a recorded audio track later.

Step 3: Starting the Recording

To start recording the desktop all you need to do is click the large red “rec” button. The window will minimize and you will be given a countdown until the recording begins. If you want to pause the recording at any point you can simply press “F9” on the keyboard – you can press this a second time when you are ready to resume. No notifications will appear when you take this action.

Step 4: Saving the Screen Recording

When you have recorded everything you want you need to press “F10” on the keyboard and the recording will end. You will be taken to a preview window where you can view what you just recorded. If you are happy with the result click “Save and Edit” and choose a location and name for the file in the dialog box that appears. Click “Save” and the file will be saved to your computer.

Now Camtasia studio will automatically open with the file loaded into it, ready for you to edit. That’s it really, you now know how to record your screen in Camtasia.

The video below is going to look at how to rRecord with Camtasia…



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