How to Create a YouTube Channel From an Existing One

What do I do to create a YouTube channel from an existing channel?

YouTube now allow you to create up to 50 new YouTube channels on one account.

This saves time so you don’t have to create new accounts from scratch and you can access your Channels with just one login to YouTube.

So, in order to set up another YouTube Channel on your existing YouTube Channel, all you need to do is follow these simple steps and you’ll have your new YouTube Channel set up in no time.

1:20: Click on your name on the top left and select YouTube Settings

1:46: Click on “Create a new channel” on the bottom left of the page

1:55: Create your new Channel Name on the next page, select the Category, the viewer age and check the Pages Terms box and click on Done

3:00: Then you’ll be brought to a Verification Page where you need to add your phone number to either receive a text message or voice call to verify you’re real

3:15: Once you receive your Verification PIN, enter that into the field and click Continue

3:20: You now have your new YouTube Channel created and you can upload your videos to it

You can have up to 50 Channels on one YouTube account, so you can make as many of these as you want.

One thing you need to do is to create your Custom URL for your Channel. To do this, just follow this video:


Also set up your Channel Art. You can use the template on this video to help:


If you want to change your Channel Display Name after you’ve set up your Channel URL/Username, then you can do so with this video:


To change your Channel Icon, follow this video:


Another thing to keep in mind is to be in the right Channel when you’re uploading your videos.

If you have a video on the wrong channel and you get a lot of views and comments, you can’t move them to the channel it was supposed to be on.

If you do put it on the wrong channel, the only options you have are to leave it where is it, or to delete is, lose your comments and then upload it to the proper channel and start the work all over again.

So that’s how create a YouTube Channel and do it from an existing one…



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