The Easy Way to Download YouTube Videos

Have you needed to download videos from YouTube before and faced problems?

Hundred times…yes.

In fact, downloading that video is not that difficult to do. It’s actually really very easy and free. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are on Windows, Mac or even Linux.

And let’s go ahead and download Firefox. Once it’s downloaded, let’s get it installed on your machine and launch the browser.

Now Firefox is opened up. So let’s go ahead to Tools down to Add-ons in Firefox. Now once we’re here in Add-ons, in the upper right hand corner, you see, Search All Add-ons. And we’re going to type in Easy YouTube Downloader. And once we’re able to search right there, the result comes up with Easy YouTube Downloader 6.7. Let’s go ahead and install that. This is really the easiest what to download videos from YouTube.

Go to YouTube to download that video. Okay now, everything looks normal, except there’s a button right here that says download. All you got to do is click that, let me show you what is there. You’re able to pull the MP4’s. This is video (Music Videos, How To Videos, at 720 HD or you can choose Flash, or whatever. And here is a cool little feature too. You can download the album art. So all you need to do is go ahead and click on it and it’s going to download to your computer. And that’s really how simple it is.

On Downloading Videos from YouTube:

Now, underneath the video, there is an about section. I want you to click on that and see the licensing. If it says creative commons, download away. It’s very important that you see that when you download your video.



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